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How to Find Stuff in SGA Fandom

New convert to the shiny goodness of SGA, ascetic_hedony, asked for links to the good stuff. And lo, it is done.

The Newsletters/Announcement Communities:

SGA Newbie Guide on newbieguide -- so many links, so little time.

sga_newsletter -- lists everything of relevance posted each day.
sga_noticeboard -- general announcements of fic, new comms, challenges, etc.

sgastoryfinders -- where people request lost stories, but it also works as a rec comm.
sga_flashfic -- a prolific challenge community.

atlantis_vids -- for your song-vidding needs.
the_kawoosher and the Kawoosh! Website -- SG-1 and SGA songvids.


Cathy's Recs:

Primer for Reading SGA Fanfic by cupidsbow -- Lots of gen as well as McShep, plus links to other resources.

I've just done major work on my rec site, and it's now much easier to filter for Stargate stories and songvids. You can access it three ways:

The feed is new, so older recs are archived in the LJ's Memories (and here's Stargate, with 806 recs).

Other Recs:

I've tried to focus on the reccers who don't just have McKay/Sheppard (for McShep, look in rec_room).

Ronon and Ford

Other Suggested Links

Happy reading!
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