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The Rec Room

Home of Multi-Fandom Recommendations

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Update July 07: This community has moved over to del.icio.us. Recs will still be posted here in automated compilations.

Del.icio.us: http://del.icio.us/rec_room
RSS Feed: http://del.icio.us/rss/rec_room
Robot LJ: rec_room_bot


This community is an archive of multi-fandom recommendations by cupidsbow. Fan-fictions (particularly slash), song-vids, essays, archives, and information sites inspired by any fandoms that catch my fancy will be recommended here, with the exception of LotR and LotRiPS.

If you are looking for Lord of the Rings or LotRiPS (Lord of the Rings Real Person Slash) recommendations, try the companion community, lotr_squee.

All are welcome to join, but posting rights are restricted. If you'd like to be a guest reccer on this community, sign up here.

I generally post recs once a week, which means your friends-list will be temporarily spammed with between 10-20 posts. I won't be offended if you un-friend.

When posting recs, I'll follow this format, where possible:

Why you should read/watch this:

Stories I consider to be absolute must reads will be awarded the Blue Ribbon.

I'll add all recs to Memories, under Fandom, with pairings in the subject line. All entries are Tagged by Fandom too. Hopefully we'll end up with an archive of great stuff.

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